About me

I was born in London in 1988, and I have lived my life traveling
between England and Italy. My grandfather was my "influencer"
the one who passed on the passion to me to capture the moments, was the classic man who in the 1980s  always had his video camera with him.

Growing up, at the age of 8 I started using the my Nonno Peter's video Camera when took me on trips all around the UK and when we returned at home I enjoyed viewing the moments

spent together.

The photos and videos for me are still a '' MUST DO '' for any occasion.


At the age of 12, I bought my first digital camera for a trip that I had to do in ponza, and just at that moment something was born in me, so i downloaded photoshop and made the first graphics and the retouches the photos (obviously they were S**T), I started shooting everything, plants, landscapes, animals and even my friends, and thanks to them I understood i loved taking portraits. The years go by and I begin to publish my photos on social networks and I started to attract several girls who wanted to be photographed by me, I still I didn't feel like "a good photographer" but I was glad that anyway some girls wanted me as a photographer.

Years passed and I managed to perfect my style, a unique style in the world, my photos didn't need a signature anymore, a style that when see a photo of that i took, you will immediately say: “this is Alessandro's”.

I have received love from all over the world, I have been published on several national and international magazines, but the thing that makes me happy is that i am an inspiration for a lot of photographers out there, this makes me proud and happy when I see people who believed in me achieve the results they wanted, For me nothing is impossible in life, you have to believe in it and I really want you to believe in your self, then the rest is history.